Use Of Openstreetmap In Nepal

OpenStreetMap is the “Wikipedia of maps”. It’s a truly democratic map built by the people for everyone. In the age when it’s difficult to imagine our lives without online maps, what are the different ways maps could be used?

In this post, I explore different ways OpenStreetMap has been used in Nepal. It’s not comprehensive, but I have compiled some cases to the best of my knowledge.

OpenStreetMap has been used in many ways in Nepal. Some of them are listed below:

  1. For navigation Probably the way most people use OSM is for navigation. OSM based MAPS.ME is popular in Nepal for accessing offline maps since mobile data is expensive in Nepal. A large proportion of people who use MAPS.ME are not aware it’s OSM, or may not have even heard of OSM at all.

  2. Local governance
  3. Disaster
  4. Engaging youth

  5. Economic Survey In 2018 Economic Survey by Government of Nepal, OSM (the most detailed map around in terms of building footprints) was used by surveyors. OSM used in economic survey
Written on May 19, 2018